New York improviser: Freddie Heinemann

Freddie Heinemann

Freddie Heinemann is a stand up comic, writer, actor and improv performer from the Philadelphia area. He started doing stand up in 2009 at the suggestion of his stupid friends and alcohol. In the time since then he has performed in both NYC, LA and Philadelphia. Freddie brings a strange, eccentric and twisted perverse sense of humor from the most mundane to the most insane situations. Whether it be spouting off about his father fighting off rabid bears, gay werewolves or cremating himself into a ovaltine drink, he is sure to entertain and probably disgust. Most likely disgust. He recently finished his first novel entitled Garbage which deals with nervous breakdowns, drug dealers, dolphins and the fleeting American Dream. He now spends most of his days wasting his time on the internet, eating gyoza, drinking diet Ginger ale and writing material mostly about his own genitals. He is currently an Improv and Sketch Writing student at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City