Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What's improv?

    Improv is comedy made up on the spot. A "longform" improv show is a bunch of improvised scenes which form kind of a play. Most of the teams listed here are longform teams.

  • Where's it coming from?

    Improv is a relatively young art form, but there are already places where you can learn it from people who learned it from other people. Google improv classes New York, etc., to find them in your area.

  • Who runs this site?

    I'm Benjamin Apple, but improvisers maintain their own teams, profiles, etc.

  • How can I contact you?

Performer Questions

  • What can I do here?

    Once you register you can: 1) Create a performer profile, 2) Create team rosters, and 3) Schedule shows.

  • Why?

    Everyone else is doing it. No, really, that's why. There are a ton of performers, teams, and shows listed here, and the idea is to make it an almost-comprehensive view of improv for EVENTUALLY THE ENTIRE WORLD, which means it's a good way to promote yourself and your improv.

Nerd Questions

  • Blerp blerp blerp, I'm a nerd, what's the site build with?

    Blerp blerp blerp, the site is hand-coded in PHP/MySQL 5. iCalcreator for .ics files, GD for image manipulation, jQuery for DOM work and AJAX.