New York improviser: Eli Ash

Eli Ash

Elizabeth was mistaken as a boy and accidentally nicknamed "Eli" when she first moved to New York City. According to Wikipedia, in Hebrew it means "My God." Although Eli does not claim to be a deity or have super magical powers, if you rub her belly you might have good luck.

Eli was born in Texas and raised in Florida, a country girl with an oversized head (literally, not figuratively) and fondness for boots. She has no improv experience beyond being pulled on stage unwillingly and force-tickled by a man with a mustache. She dreams of living on a homestead with her own garden, chicken coop and pet goat someday. If you know how to sail boats, she might solicit you rather enthusiastically to be best friends.

She enjoys dancing in inappropriate places and has "moves like Jagger" or whatever. She also plays the tambourine (sort of) in case anyone was wondering.