New York improviser: Dr. President

Dr. President

No word could describe Dr. President better than "Natural". A man, no, a force wise beyond his years and experience on the improv scene that has yet to be rivaled. His rock-hard exterior and exceptional posture make him a force to be reckoned with. Playing only to audiences made of women until 1998, Dr. President has taken the galaxy by storm with his razor-sharp straight-man work and unrelenting support moves. Rumored to be a spy for whatever Mexico's version of the FBI is, Dr. President takes all comers and edits their scenes effortlessly before they reach that annoying cartoonishness that we all hate. Inter-gender audiences take note: Dr. President has a doctorate in love...and a correspondence degree in improv.

Signature moves:

Scenework Scorchlock
Gigante Group Scene Initiation
Diving Double Axehandle Tag-Out