New York improviser: David Say

David Say

David Say has studied and performed improv since 2008, including musical, 4-Track, Shakespearean, duo, and Harold. In 2011, he completed the both the Magnet Theater's Conservatory Program and its four levels of musical improv. His key teachers have been Armando Diaz, Zach Woods, Christian Capozoli, Tara Copeland, Frank Spitznagel, and Rob Schiffman.

David started his training at the UCB, after Princeton, where he studied political economy, creative writing, Commedia dell'arte performance, and Shakespearean acting. He has appeared in Triangle Club's (musical) Pulpit Fiction, Six Degrees of Separation at Theater Intime, and After Magritte & The Real Inspector Hound at Princeton Summer Theater. After growing up in New Haven, CT and coming of age in Blacksburg, VA, David now explores the mean streets of the Big Apple with his friends, quarterly, on inter-borough food tours (e.g. The Brooklyn-Queens Taco Safari) – voyages of culinary and geographic discovery.