New York improviser: David Heston

David Heston

David grew up in St. Louis and Milwaukee, the monotony of which inspired him to spend over a decade of his adult life in France and Japan. This experience ensured that his brain is forever processing an unintelligible mishmash of English, French, and Japanese, which he concluded made him weird enough to finally live in New York City, where he has been since January 2011.

David has studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City under such wonderful individuals as Ben Rameaka and Brandon Gardner, at the Magnet Theater under Nick Kanellis and Megan Gray, and at the Second City Chicago with Michael Gellman, and has also received coaching from sage improvisers such as Sue Smith, John Frusciante, Morgan Grace Jarrett, Riley Soloner, and Eddie Dunn.

In addition to comedy, he enjoys dark bars, spicy foods, espresso, video games, juicy slabs of meat, and international travel. Preferably all at the same time.