New York improviser: David Ebert

David Ebert

David hails from a horse farm outside of Buffalo and has done nothing but suffer for it. He performed at SUNY Fredonia as a player then director of his improv troupe "Random Acts". Following graduation he spent two seasons at Florida's Seaside Repertory Theatre, where, in addition to performing in their mainstage productions and children's shows, he also directed, wrote and performed with The Flaws improv and sketch comedy troupe. After two years in Florida and never once getting a tan he moved to New York to take classes at the UCB theatre. Since coming to the city he has performed in the Magnet's Test Drive show, UCB's Indie Cage Match, Thank You Robot's Indie Showcase, Gotham Comedy club's Standup Competition, and countless other improv, sketch, and standup shows. Recently he has also taken to writing short scripts for film, and works with other members of his various improv teams to make the stupid shit that was once only for the stage become the stupid shit brought to the screen. When he's not doing all of this stuff you can also find him hosting or freestyle rapping for the Ride, an interactive theatre tour where New Yorkers get to watch him yell at a bus in the rain. And when he's not doing all of that he operates a print shop and seriously, he will hook you up with cheap print.