New York improviser: Daniel Chamberlain

Daniel Chamberlain

Dan Chamberlain is a New York City based writer and performer. Raised in Groton, Massachussetts, he has been studying and performing by way of the Upright Citizens Brigade since 2006, under the invaluable tutelage of Neil Casey, Ryan Karels, Anthony King, Curtis Gwinn, Charlie Sanders, Charlie Todd, Joe Wengert, and more. He has been an active member of the the independent improv community for just as long.

As laptop producer Chambaland, Dan's music mashups have been featured on Best Week Ever, NYMag's Vulture Blog, and other such fine media outlets. Alongside Brandon Scott Jones, he is co-author of fleyrm, a lifestyle website from Courtney Austen Brown.

In 1993, Dan was honored to recieve first prize in a National Audobon Society youth art contest for a painting of a box turtle. The prize was $100, which his mother made him open a savings account with.