New York improviser: Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is a screenwriter living in Greenwich Village. He came to improv when a script consultant on an animated pilot he was hired to write for strongly recommended it to him to improv his writing. He began immediately.

Dan takes way too many classes and has been fortunate to study with pretty much everyone, including heavyweights like Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Armando Diaz, Ali Farahnakian, Ed Herbstman, Rich Talarico, Pat Shay, Alex Marino, Billy Merritt, Blaine Swen, and Gary Rudoren.

As a writer and filmmaker, Dan has been fortunate enough to also study or work with many, many people, including heavyweights like Steven Bach, Bill Beckley, David Berry, Claude LeLouche, and Dan Milano.

In August 2009, Dan created The Incubator, a weekly mini theater, designed to give new teams a chance to play in front of an audience, and experienced teams a chance to develop new forms, or longer forms.

Dan can be found hanging out around the various theaters, particularly the Magnet, especially for mixers or jams. He tries to do at least one improv scene a day.