New York improviser: Corinne Fisher

Corinne Fisher

CORINNE FISHER hails from the land of crunchy hair and malls. She once made some hilarious observations about Elmo that cracked up Robert Smigel in the conference room at Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Another time, she fell UP the stairs of 30 Rockefeller Plaza while trying to bring Conan a tuna fish sandwich. Luckily, the sandwich broke her fall. She gets turned on watching people wash dishes. Her goal in life is to be sexier and more offensive than Sarah Silverman. Corinne loves a good challenge.

To balance shit out, she blogs about charity and feelings here:

Corinne is in the Advanced Study Program at UCB, having studied under Kate Spencer, Ari Voukydis, Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Zach Woods, Eliza Skinner, and, currently, Jordan Klepper.

Things Corinne has done that you might have gotten a postcard for and thrown in the garbage or left on the floor:

ALMOST FORMER REALITY TV STARS a two-person show based on Corinne's true experience of being hired (along with her best friend, model Thomas Whitfield), then fired from a reality TV show. This show ran at The PIT in the Spring of 2011. Directed by David Crabb.

CORINNE FISHER: I STALK YOU (a one woman show) which had a run at The PIT in Summer 2010. Directed by David Crabb.

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