New York improviser: Chris Carfizzi

Chris Carfizzi

Like American Legend, John Henry, Chris was born with a hammer in his hand. That was very poor planning, since his baby arms could barely support his unwieldy and bulbous head. He soon dropped the hammer which ended up shattering a bystander's metatarsal and that eventually lead to a series of law suits. His parents were neither responsible nor apologetic.

Since then, you probably have seen him in a local supermarket, drugstore, bookstore, cinema or public park and addressed him as if he's an employee. He usually gives directions or help as requested in these venues. From time to time, that help is actually effective.

The rest of you probably think he reminds you of someone else you know. It happens.

Oh, he's studied Improv with Amber Petty, Ben Rodgers, Ben Rameaka, Doug Moe, Abra Tabak and Will Hines at UCB.