New York improviser: Charlie Todd

Charlie Todd

Charlie Todd has been a part of the UCB Theatre since 2001. He performs every Saturday night at 7:30 with the team The Curfew, and hosts CageMatch every Thursday night at 11:00 with the comedy wrestling league he created, The UCBW.

Charlie is the founder of the notorious prank collective Improv Everywhere, and his book, Causing a Scene, details his experiences with the group. Improv Everywhere's videos have been viewed over 275 million times on YouTube.

Charlie was a founding member of the long-running UCB house team Reuben Williams, performing with them for the entirety of their six-year run on Harold Night and the weekend.

Charlie has also been a member of two 3x3 Tournament championship teams, C, C, & C Improv Factory and Hot Cheese Fiesta. C, C, & C also won the CageMatch Tournament and the SuperCageMatch Tournament.