New York improviser: Cecilia Lederer

Cecilia Lederer

Cecilia (or Cece, as she is sometimes known) is a proud member of the Harold team "The Bishop". She has been improvising since the mid 1990s with teams such as: "Callbaxxx" (at the Williamstown Theater Festival) and the college team "ComboZa" (which introduced north west Massachusetts to long form improv so stunning it left audience members saying: "I thought they were going to play Worlds Worst.") Cece (or Cecilia, as she is sometimes known) is also a member of the lady-tastic improv team "Topanga" (do not to fall in love with us, you will only get hurt) and is 1/2 of the comedy duo "Necessary" (which won the dubious honor of dirtiest sketch 2007). Cecilia works for The Colbert Report, likes soft things, and hates nearly everything else.