New York improviser: Casey Krehbiel

Casey Krehbiel

Casey "Bow Tie" Krehbiel is a producer, writer and comedian who really enjoys writing in the third person. In 2012 he moved to New York City from Cleveland where he sold widgets and wonkies to pursue a life in underpaid sporadic gigs. His specialties are bad celebrity impersonations and breathing through his nose while eating sandwiches. He is known for being an equal opportunity offender whilst wearing bow ties.

Casey currently performs comedic improv, musical improv, stand up and storytelling. He writes jokes, sketch, stories, script (both television and film) and is a kickass editor. He has made a few movies, a few tv shows and once combed Tom Selleck's mustache.

He once tried to make it as a professional Skeeballer but was caught juicing and thus disbarred from the SAA (Skeeballer Association of America.)
Casey has been training for the 2016 Olympics on the newly added aggressive napping team. He is also really great at not dusting his apartment! Even he doesn't know if he is really a blonde or a ginger.