New York improviser: Brian Lucrezia

Brian Lucrezia

Brian is a native New Yorker, musician, beer guy, and improvisor who studied with the People's Improv Theater. He performs with his improv team Milhaus a few times a month at the PIT Underground as part of the 10k Hours program, and his indie team BACKFAT (the PIT's biggest indie team). He used to be in DeWolf Hopper, which is now defunct (RIP). When he's not clowning around, he plays bass in the rock band The Golden Age of Radio, sings in the hardcore band No Way, and hosts a monthly live band karaoke show, all Brooklyn-based. He bartends at a bar in Brooklyn called Spritzenhaus, but who really wants to talk about that. He lives in Greenpoint, and loves snowboarding, vegetarian food, pitbulls, and speaking in the third person. Simultaneously.