New York improviser: Brian Godleski

Brian Godleski

Brian is from Lilburn, GA , a suburb of Atlanta, and has been studying with the Upright Citizens Brigade since 2008. Before moving to New York, he helped form the popular short-form improv group Playing in Traffic and studied extensively with the Professional Actors Studio. Some of his favorite past roles include the killer mime in the award winning short "The Midgard Serpent," Reverend David Marshall Lee in the comedy "The Foreigner," and Berger in the musical "Hair" (if you're wondering, he only mooned the audience, thus keeping the nudity tasteful and classy). Brian is proud of the fact that he graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism in four years. When not writing sketch comedy with his team DiMaggio or performing with his improv team Exit Strategy, Brian is an avid college football fan, comic book afficianado, and he enjoys teaching himself how to play the guitar.