New York improviser: Billy Florio

Billy Florio

Billy is a New York improv performer. He has performed with Kickable Dog, War Babies, RoccoBilly and other teams around the city. He also is a sketch writer and performer with the comedy troupe Student Loans For Beer Money. He has appeared in a bunch of internet shows and two TV pilots.

He has studied improv at UCB under Jon Gabrus, Brandon Garder, Silvija Ozols, Will Hines, Jordan Klepper, Curtis Gwinn, Kate Riley, & Becky Drysdale. He has studied sketch under Dan Klein, Lee Rubenstein, Michael Delaney & Brandon Gulya. He has been coached by Oscar Magallanes, Alan Starzinski and Lydia Hensler.

While not doing comedy, Billy talks about his ventures as a stand-up comedian, being the former Managing Editor of Nonsense Humor Magazine, and writing and filming internet shows, including one for Channel 101 NY. He has also written and produced short films, some of which have actually been seen by people.

Billy works as a political consultant for social media. There is a picture of him dressed as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction somewhere on the internet.

One time, a coworker pretended to strangle him in the background of a live newscast. His employer was not pleased by this.