New York improviser: Angela Perrone

Angela Perrone

Being born in Las Vegas on April 1st was a clear sign that Angela had to do something with this comedy thing. After many years of working the craft (okay so maybe the classroom wasn't the best place to use as a stage---remember behavior grades---ugh), she was voted "Funniest Person" in her senior class. Jump nearly (okay over) ten years later--after being Japanese, a Jungle Cruise Skipper, and a variety of others things later--she is resurfacing in the improv scene in New York and is always looking for some kind of happy chaos.

If you are ever in need of professional ridiculous pet photos, please consider Angela for the job. Her side hobby is to create elaborate photo shoots of her poodles dressed as anything from celebrities (Amy Winehouse, Abe Lincoln, Mouseketeers) to ordinary people (fishermen, fire fighters, ring masters).

Angela has taken classes with at SAK in Orlando and at The PIT in NYC and performed with a short-form team called Under the Beltway in Alexandria, VA back in 2003.