New York improviser: Amey Goerlich

Amey Goerlich

Amey Goerlich long form improviser since 2001 training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NYC & The Magnet Theater.
She is the Artistic Director of you can check out her KROMPF and game classes at

You can see her on TV the Food Network in Giving you the business, Recently on Raising McCain as an Improv Expert and her web series Best Cupcakes in the world She has been on The podcasts Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane & The IRC podcast with Kevin Mullaney, Snap Impressions and many more just search her name in podcasts? Is that how that works?

Current Teams: Pro Hobo, Fart Police, Host of Indie Cage Match UCB east, KROMPF, Spolied Space Monkey, Chica Go-Go, Oh Boy!, Waxed Fruit

Other Teams: The Washingtons, NULIG, Film Noir Improv, Sunnyside Up Players, UCBW (Rat Don't Care & Ben Franklin), The Ol' Factory: Krompf (sketch show), Wicked Fuckin' Queeah (aka Funny Beans), FILTH (UCB harold team), Your Favorite Thing (sketch show), The Documentary, After School Super Power Hour.

Has been Teaching Film/TVProduction/Theatre/Improvisation/Acting at Elementary Schools around NYC since 2001.
Amey has directed and or coached over 100+ improvisation groups/sketch teams and off broadway productions.
Directing: UCB Maude Teams: (MIX TAPE 98', THE SKUNTZ, 27 KIDNEYS) other UCB HOT LATHER, Killgore The Musical (asst. director/art director), The Documentary UCB class (co-teacher w/ Billy Merrit)

How has Amey contributed to the indie world: Amey Created and Co-hosted one of the first indie improv nights at the Parkside Lounge 'SLOW MOTION' cohosted with Charlie Todd & then Joe Wengert. The Show was later handed over to Sean Taylor & Tony Carnevale and renamed 'VARIETY UNDERGROUND'.