New York improviser: Amelita Lijek

Amelita Lijek

Amelita is a comedian, actor, writer, musician, and general tryer of many things. A Massachusetts transplant to New York City, she graduated from NYU in 2010 with no idea what she was doing but has slowly started to figure it out, emphasis on “slow.” She is attempting to execute any project idea that comes to mind without burning out, which, in addition to improv and sketch with the brilliant fools on Bueller, includes writing, producing and acting in her web series “Time Traveling Roommate,” composing music for the children’s YouTube channel Fredbot, making parody music videos, writing for the critically acclaimed live late night show “Brunch Night with Jamie Leelo,” hosting her podcast History/Philosophy/Metaphor, and running “The 30,” a blog with 30 regular contributors who discuss finding their way through a variety of different creative endeavors. You can find her on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest maybe?) with the handle @aaaamelita because @amelita, @aamelita, and @aaamelita were all taken.