New York improviser: Amanda Hirsch

Amanda Hirsch

Amanda has been performing improv since 2005, first in DC with Washington Improv Theater and now in NYC. Past groups include JINX (JINX in your face!) and the all-female group The Shower. Amanda was also a cast member in DC's Neutrino Video Project, a show that generates an improvised movie in the time it takes the audience to watch it. That may be the most fun she's ever had.

Amanda has performed in festivals such as The Del Close Improv Marathon, the Chicago Improv Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. She's been lucky to study with teachers from a range of improv schools, including Chicago's Annoyance Theater, iO and the UCB Theater in NYC.

Amanda also has experience directing and teaching improv. "Improv Lessons for Freelancers," a workshop she led with her husband, Jordan, was voted an audience favorite at SXSW 2010. This inspired them (us?) to start THINK IMPROV, a company that teaches workshops connecting improv lessons to life and work.

Amanda is also a writer, and she has a website. She has also been known to tweet. She lives in Brooklyn with Jordan and Cosmo the dog.