About ImprovTeams.com

Hello and welcome to ImprovTeams! My name is Benjamin Apple and I run this site. Here are some answers to questions you might have.

What is improv?

Improv is any comedy that's made up on the spot, unscripted. A "long form" improv show consists of a bunch of improvised scenes which form kind of a play. Each scene is kind of like a comedy sketch you might see on SNL, except that it's completely improvised in the moment.

Where does improv happen?

All over the place, but of course there's more of it in big cities like New York and L.A. Some comedy theaters focus on improv and host tons of improv shows every week. There are also (literally) thousands of independent improv teams who create their own shows - at rented theaters, in bar basements, anywhere with enough space and a willing owner. This site features mainly those independent improv teams.

I'm an improviser, can I create an account and start posting my shows and stuff?

Yeah dude that's the whole point! Click "Register" up in the nav bar and get started!

I have some more questions.

You can email me at benjamin@improvteams.com.