New York improviser: Aaron Gold

Aaron Gold

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Forged in the fires of improv, Aaron has played roles ranging from a football-loving bro to Dr. Frank-N-Furter, and has performed everywhere from Mtv to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. You may have seen him on commercials for Time Warner's Music Choice, or the new app, HouseTab. He’s lent his voice to advertisements for Aflac and Apotex, and has a deep resonance known to make leopards purr. He also hosts and performs in the live show, You Are Not Alone: An Uplifting Show About Depression.

Trained by comedians the likes of Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show), and Louis Ramey (Last Comic Standing), Aaron has been performing comedy in one form or another for over twelve years. He has starred in several indie films, including "White People Problems" and "Where Demons Dwell". Aaron has enjoyed playing a bouncer, a punk rocker, a stoner, and everything in between in movies like "Threeway" and web series including "Redheads Anonymous" and "These Three Girls".

When he's not busy acting or improvising, he can be found reading comic books, practicing marksmanship, impersonating his friends, or seeking out a new martial art to learn. Aaron looks forward to appearing on the next hit NBC sitcom and his eventual debut in the Marvel cinematic universe.