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Side 2 Side

Side 2 Side (sid 2 sid) 1: bringing together differences 2: bright, light, to shed light 3: laughter

Sheridon Gospel Network the Light set out to find the King or Queen of Clean Comedy That Is…And crowned Side 2 Side. With the smooth rhythm of a seasoned veteran “Side 2 Side is a contagiously funny comedian with an electrifying energy” - Slobodan dan Paich, Artistic Director, ARTSHIP foundation
“Side 2 Side is a high achiever gifted in the art of creative expression and funny from the heart, she is brilliant and quite astonishing “Professor DaShaun Booker USC
A preachers kid born from the womb laughing and has been cracking people up every since with her jaw hurting, side-splitting ability to attack the funny bone through the conscious with her original style of philosophy.

Side 2 Side has her own original One-Woman Show titled Side-Ologys' "SPIRIT" of the People... "SPIRIT" adorned in bright colors, the homeless wanderer is a master storyteller who happens to be a proud member of a distinguished organization, AARP.. Using her AARP "Real Possibilities" card, she takes her audience on a black history journey sharing tales of her adventures, from sitting on the bus next to Rosa Parks, dancing with Josephine Baker, opening for Bessie Smith, even eating peanuts donated by President Jimmy Carter to the free lunch programs from his peanut farm and finding Side 2 Side's book attempting to interpret her jokes and more. Side-Ologys' "Spirit" of the People is deeply rooted in humor, animated, full of spunk, rated "E" edu-taining

Side 2 Side has taught Comedy Traffic School, Comedy Workshops, coaches speech teams and taught drama for Los Angeles Southwest College Young Scholars Camp, KYDS enrichment after school program, Richmond Unified School District, Artship foundation, Center for the Performing Arts and East Bay Center for the Performing Arts and has directed many plays including “Antigone,” “The African American Living Museum,” “It Ain’t so Funny When the Jokes on You,”, “So Happy I’m Nappy,” “Tribute to The Lion King,” “Sister Act 2” and a variety of children plays.

Having worked with and opened for such artist as Patti La Belle, Donnie Mc Clurkin, George Wallace, Mikki Howard, Eddie Griffin, Katt Williams, Carlos Mencia and Sinbad to name but a few. It is no wonder she was crowned “The Queen of Clean Comedy” and one of “California’s Funniest Females”.

Side 2 Side founded the Sallie E. Cosby-Clemons Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor of her mother, to assist children in the arts to develop their gifts and to become the very best that they can be. “I shall look to the stars for surely her name shall find its way.” Jordan Simmons, Artistic Director, East Bay Center for the Performing Art.

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S2 studies improv at UCB nyc
Performed at Del Close Marathon 2016
1 Hit Wonders
The Last Dragon

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