New York improviser: Christopher De La Cruz

Christopher De La Cruz

Being one of the few actors in the world with a B.A. in Philosophy...

Chris got his start in acting when he was cast as Jesus Christ at the age of 5 in a Kindergarten play. He shortly retired afterwards being incapable of dealing with the jealousy from the other kindergardeners. At the age of 20, Chris re-discovered the magic of acting at Hamilton College and committed his last two years of college to its theatre program.

Upon graduation at the age of 22, Chris' lack of money sent him back home to Brooklyn where he worked as a lowly paralegal drumming on all the copy machines in the office and taking nightly improv classes at the Magnet Theater to keep his acting chops up. He eventually fell in love with improv and committed himself to furthering his acting and comedy by spending two years studying improv, musical improv, sketch writing, and storytelling at the Magnet Theater. He graduated from Magnet's sketch writing program and currently studies improv at Magnet's conservatory program. He's also currently working his was through UCB's improv and sketch programs. Finally he studies acting every Wednesday at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop with the incredible Sarah Baskin.

He can be spotted around NYC performing with his hip-hop improv team: Word of Mouth